Special Events

The festival will also host some Special Events outside of the concert and session circuit.

Liam O’Connor launches is great new CD ‘The Loom’
Sunday 18th June 2017 in Jim’s Coffee House at 3pm

The late great fiddle player Néilidh Boyle said that fiddle playing
“… is an art by itself; an art that requires a lifetimes study and practise.”

Liam O’Connor has at last produced a CD of his music called ‘The Loom’ that is a postage stamp of what he is – in my opinion the fiddle player of a generation.

‘The Loom’ is Irish traditional music played as a high art, with ‘balls out’ execution and high wire fiddle playing of the highest order, by one of the best ever players at the very top of his game.

Some of the most significant fiddle recordings in Irish music have come from Dublin;
Sean Keane’s – Gusty’s Frolic’s
Tommy Potts’ – The Liffey Banks
Paddy Glackin’s – Hidden Ground
The cylinder recordings of Mrs Bridget Kenny
Liam O’Connor’s ‘The Loom’ sits comfortably amongst them.. Challenges them on numerous levels.. Encapsulates the best quality’s of each, whilst leaving an unapologetic personal fingerprint that can be nobody other than himself.

The reel playing is brilliant here. The rolls in the b part of The Tarbolton Reel are of a musical creative level that is untouched to my mind whilst being undeniably Irish. The attack, execution and fluidity of ‘The Repeal of the Union’ & ‘The High Road to Galway’ is something to really savour as it is rarely captured on record.

Liam’s rendering of the Air’s ‘Easter Snow’ and ‘The Wild Geese’ is something that I can only describe as special.. His technique is fantastic, but it’s his use of it to enable a constantly moving and musical touch on these massive tunes that stands him out from the crowd.

Many fiddle players can imitate, many can play airs and set pieces well, many can bring a classical background to the table and play clean, strong and well. It’s a rare few that can take all that and marry it with a certain innate fluidity, creativity and earthiness that can only come from a lifetimes eating and drinking all aspects of fiddle and of Irish traditional music. Liam does that here with a record that pleases on so many level’s.

I started with a Néilidh Boyle quote about fiddle playing so I may as well finish with one
“… it’s done with a feeling in the blood.”

Comhghairdeachas leat a Liam, tá píosa ealaíona cruthaithe agat anseo a mhairtheas ar feadh na cianta.