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Liam O’Connor to launch new CD at Festival

Liam O’Connor to launch new CD at Festival

There will be a lot of great events happening outside of the concert and session circuit during the Jim Dowling Uilleann Pipe and Trad festival this year. One such event will see Liam O’Connor launch his new CD called “The Loom” at Jim’s Coffee House at 3pm on the Sunday afternoon. This promises to be a great event.

‘The Loom’ is Irish traditional music played as a high art, with ‘balls out’ execution and high wire fiddle playing of the highest order, by one of the best ever players at the very top of his game. Some of the most significant fiddle recordings in Irish music have come from Dublin, namely; Sean Keane’s – Gusty’s Frolic’s, Tommy Potts’ – The Liffey Banks, Paddy Glackin’s – Hidden Ground and the cylinder recordings of Mrs Bridget Kenny.

Liam O’Connor’s“The Loom” sits comfortably amongst them and challenges them on numerous levels. Encapsulates the best quality’s of each, whilst leaving an unapologetic personal fingerprint that can be nobody other than himself.

The reel playing is brilliant here. The rolls in the b part of The Tarbolton Reel are of a musical creative level that is untouched to my mind whilst being undeniably Irish. The attack, execution and fluidity of ‘The Repeal of the Union’ and ‘The High Road to Galway’ is something to really savour as it is rarely captured on record.

So get along to this event, support this great music and see Liam himself playing some great tunes in the flesh. Sounds great!!!